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TR 1500 C trailer-mounted winch

  • Pulling cable winch with compressor dedicated to Telecom networks.
  • A 5000l/min compressor is included (3000 l/min compressor available too)

  • Power and engine: petrol engine with electric starter, variable flow pump and hydraulic engines
  • 60 litre hydraulic tank system and filtration
  • Double-capstan driven separately
  • Indexing valve controls for the switch and proportional controls for pulling
  • Display of the force on the pressure gauge
  • Cut-off and release according to selected option
  • Hydraulic motor-driven cable storage drum
  • 1,000 m of 8 mm diameter rope
  • Automatic spooling
  • Air cooler
  • Design/Chassis: double axle road trailer GVWR = 1,800 kg GVWR = 1,700 kg – requires E licence
  • Reinforced metal structure chassis
  • Double-jointed drawbar with inertia-braked axle
  • Standard camber: winch cover of ribbed aluminium sheet metal
  • Two side storage units
  • Road signs, bumper and markings in compliance with the Highway Code and UTAC rules with camber certificate
  • Stabilisers: two screw stabiliser legs
  • Conformity with the Machinery Directive: EC

The TR 1500C trailer-mounted  winch has the following advantages:

  • Entirely hydraulic system: no more clutch or mechanical brake
  • COMFORT: easily accessible tanks and reduced engine noise due to separate compartment
  • Design of the housing to prevent access to rotating parts and protect against oil splashes
  • SAFETY: no direct access to dangerous parts
  • Easy to use: just one lever for pulling and routing
  • Extended service life of the cable thanks to its automatic spooling
  • Easy maintenance through easy access: removal of the cover by unscrewing 5 screws for access to the winch in less than 5 minutes

  • Max. pulling force (daN) (meters/minute) : 0 up to 1500 daN
  • Pulling speed (meters/minute) :
  • Routing speed (metres/minute) : Continuous adjustment from 0 to 60 m/min depending on the force

  • FLV4 electronic data logger
    • Stops the winch automatically if the programmed force is exceeded
    • Chassis with triangulation device for length and pulling force information pick-ups (force sensor and magnetic detector)
    • Permanent touch-screen display of hoisting parameters
    • Winch data history stored on USB drive showing force, length and speed
    • Remote software update
    • Device made according to Orange recommendations
  • HEP.i DC 2.5 cut-off dynamometer:
    • Stops the winch automatically if the set pressure threshold is exceeded
  • 1,000 m rope, 6 mm diameter, winch downgraded to 1 T
  • Hydraulic tool socket 20 litres/140 bar
  • Submersible water pump, empty draft chambers; flow rate 48 or 96 m3/h, with hydraulic supply hoses (5, 7 or 10 m long according to requirements): operates on the hydraulic tool socket
  • Hydraulic cable cutter
  • Jackhammer/concrete-breaker
  • Hydraulic disc machine for cutting concrete or asphalt mixes
  • Locked swivel
  • Compressor option:
    • Compressed air cooler
    • Condensate separator
    • 15 m of air hoses


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