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HEP Molly Pole Erection Unit


Complete workshop integrating pole carrying, lifting, drilling and extraction equipment.

  • Dedicated to the maintenance of Telecommunication networks
  • Transportation of posts (4-6 fibre/iron)
  • Mounted on a light vehicle (3.5t)
  • LUV : licence category B

Benefits for users :

  • Compact machine: option to reduce the stabilisation track opposite the working zone for a reduced clearance
  • Ergonomic
  • Drilling capacity adapted to maintenance/replacement contracts: fibre, wood, iron poles
  • Reach at embankments of up to 6m
  • Easily accessible for maintenance
  • Extraction force 12T
  • Drilling tools adapted to different types of terrain: auger, core drill with watern hydraulic concrete breaker, etc.
  • Pole transportation capacity in relation to the target market: 4-6 fibre/iron poles
  • Platform accessible from the ground: reduction in overall dimensions
  • No upper end-of-travel counterweight to facilitate lifting
  • Safety : easy access to platform for the operator and secure extraction: pole extractor (parts<25 kg) and pole held by the machine
  • CO2 emissions reduced by more than 50% 
    • Due to its design on LUV
    • In operation in relation to an HGV digger rig

  • Fully radio-controlled machine with override on turret to ensure greater freedom of movement for the operator
  • 2-member telescopic arm
  • Removal by 12T hydraulic pole extractor
  • Pair of H-shaped stabilisers at the bank with manual extension and hydraulic lowering
  • Visual indication of cut-off by light pillar
  • Payload 200 kg
  • Independent right and left stabilisers
  • Guiding of poles by lifting head
  • Telecom cable hoist at tip of lifting head
  • 380° turret rotation by wheel reducer and wormless screw
  • 200 daN hydraulic winch integrated safety device
  • Automatic adjustment of motor speed to suit movement
  • Ribbed aluminium floor
  • LED floodlight on the machine to illuminate the working zone
  • Road signs and markings in compliance with the Highway Code
  • CE conformity
  • Conformity to NF16228 and NF13000

Optional drilling equipment

  • 300, 350 or 400 mm core drills
  • Auger for composite or reinforced wood poles

Optional hydraulic equipment :

  • Grinder, water pump, concrete breaker, vibrating needle, tamper, pruner boom, etc…


Available from Renault Master.

  • Turret-mounted hydraulic tool socket and 7m reel
  • Support for 3 x 20l water containers integrated on the camber to ensure correct operation of the core drill
  • Taking into account of the position of the drilling motor under the main arm, option to transport 4/6 fibres poles, 2/3 on each side
  • Option to store an additional auger or core drill on the platform
  • Camber: two 800 x 500 x 500 mm storage boxes at the front of the platform
  • Storage for traffic cones and panels
  • Area on camber side to store broken poles

  • Max. Height Under Hook (m) : 8
  • Lifting winch force on one strand (daN) : 200
  • Lifting winch force on one strand (daN) : 200
  • Core drills (mm) : 400
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