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TL12 pole erection unit

Easy to use, the TL12 pole erection unit is optimised for overhead electrical networks. It’s a versatile drilling machine for wooden posts (overhead lines) and concrete posts (low-voltage). One key advantage is its remote control station which ensures that operators maintain good visibility while they work. Minimum drilling depth: 4.2 m; maximum drilling depth: 6 m.

The TL12 pole erection units is a high-quality digging rig for overhead electrical networks.

Description of the TL12 pole erection units

  • Fixed main boom
  • 1-member telescopic beam
  • Hydraulic power supply to the boom head by means of telescopic pipes
  • Double-acting lift cylinder with 1-cylinder non-return valve
  • Lateral control station on turret for improved visibility
  • Turret rotation by continuous planetary rotation reducer  (hydraulic and electric rotary joints)
  • Pair of front and rear A-shaped stabilisers
  • Lift winch with planetary reduction, mechanical brake with hydraulic pressure failure
  • Hydraulic overload protection
  • Electrical capacity limiter
  • Moment limiter with pressure tapping on the main arm cylinder
  • Safety limit high hook with counterweight
  • Lifting cable: diameter: 12 mm; length: 40 m
  • Lifting capacity depending on the machine’s 360° angle of rotation
  • Hydraulic tank with 150 L air cooler
  • A drilling engine with storage along the arm
  • Socket for hydraulic tools (140 bar – 20 l/min)
  • Pre-equipped with post clamps
  • EU compliant


  • Manufacture and flatbed installation
  • Non-slip marine treated melamine floor
  • Machine support
  • Fixed panels on the right and left sides of the flatbed
  • Auger/core drill storage space on flatbed
  • Pole holders on cab
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Traffic cone storage
  • Storage panels on the back of the cabin
  • Pebble crate
  • Storage boxes on or under the flatbed: according to the bodywork plan drawn up further to the quotation
  • Ladder or access stairs
  • Road signs and markings in compliance with the Highway Code
  • Painted in the company’s colours
  • Delivery and lift commissioning by regulatory control body

Tools :

  • Core drills with diameters from 300 mm to 600 mm max.
  • Augers from 250 mm to 600 mm in diameter, equipped for hard or soft ground
  • Hydraulic tools: hydraulic pole puller, grinder, water pump, concrete breaker, vibrating needle, tamper, hydraulic pruning pole, etc…


  • Remote control
  • Swivel post clamp at the end of the boom head and clamp reducer for wooden posts
  • 5 T pulley block
  • Kit Emergency hand pump
  • Emergency electric pump


  • Front and rear towing winches with the characteristics required
  • Composite chocks for stabilizer pads
  • Removable panels
  • PVC tubes for storage of fabric panels
  • Right and left manually extendible oversized post holders
  • Storage boxes in the desired size
  • Reinforced protection cap on top of the cab
  • Hydraulic reel (tool socket)
  • Oxy-acetylene torch reel
  • Compressed air reel
  • Oxy-acetylene bottle holder
  • Additional pebble crate or sand/gravel bucket
  • Water tank
  • Electric or manually raised ‘tri-flash’ hazard warning triangle
  • Several flashing lights (flashing lights and/or penetrating fog lights)
  • Additional work lights
  • 3.5T hook or more depending on the pre-equipment of the carrier
  • Bespoke bodybuild available on request

  • Minimum GVW of the truck-mounted winch in Tonnes 11 T / 16 T*
  • Minimum wheelbase between axles 1 and 2 (Prior validation by our design office for axle load verification). : 3.65 m.
  • A bodywork socket for accelerating, decelerating, stopping and starting the engine from the machine’s control unit..
  • Rear impact guard
  • Reinforced suspension
  • Differential lock
  • Echappement in the recommended direction
  • Reverse beeper
  • One hollow shaft power take-off (450 Nm / R.1) (215 Nm / R.1)

  • Max. Height Under Hook (m) : 8.8
  • Lifting winch force on one strand (daN) : 2300
  • Lifting winch force on one strand (daN) : 4500
  • Core drills (mm) : 600
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